IT jobs in Scotland

The Scottish job market took quite a hit in the recession a few years ago, however, its strong ties to the IT industry have helped them get through the more difficult times. The IT and computing sectors have seen the largest number of vacancies appearing across all sectors, in particular for temporary workers the industry.

IT jobs in Scotland

IT Contract Jobs vs. Permanent IT jobs

The IT industry in general has a large percentage of contract jobs in comparison to other industries due to the nature of the work and the requirements of particular skills and experience. As a result there are a large number of contract IT jobs in Scotland.

As well as a large number of IT contract Jobs in Scotland, the number of major players in the industry, such as RBS, Sky, Esure and Standard Life, who have their headquarters in Scotland means there is a high demand for permanent IT professionals.

Demand/ Salaries

Demand and salaries for IT professionals in general is high in Scotland, however, it does vary quite considerably dependent upon your skills and experience. For example Analysts can earn an average of £35,000 whereas SAP specialists can demand salaries of £75,000*

Scotland is home to Silicon Glen – the UKs answer to America’s “Silicon Valley”. Silicon Glen is the base for the Headquarters of some of the world’s largest IT and technical companies such as Sky who are able to offer more substantial salaries than other smaller companies in the region.

How to enter the IT industry

There are two routes in to the IT industry, through education or through experience.

The most common route in to the industry is through a degree course in subjects such as information technology or computer science. Other professional courses can also open up opportunities within the IT Industry. Some of these course do include placements or projects that you can use to demonstrate your skills and experience and the combination of the two aspects can often be very beneficial when applying for jobs.

Experience is key in the IT industry so if you are particularly proficient with a particular skill then having experience to back you up can be a route in. You can get experience through work experience programmes, internships, volunteering or even through projects at home, for example web designers can put together a portfolio of work they have done for friends or family to demonstrate their skills.

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