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If you are looking for your next role in IT, then you have come to the right place. Here at IT Jobs, we have hundreds of jobs in IT live on the site right now. Our IT jobs are sourced from all the top tech companies and recruitment agencies, and include both permanent and contract IT jobs. We also offer IT professionals help and advice through articles and have a number of resources to help you secure your next role, from Job Alerts by Email to free CV reviews. is part of the Technojobs - IT jobs network. 


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How to secure your next IT Job

Following the below steps will help you secure your next IT job:

  • Make sure your CV is always up to date - Keeping your CV up to date and relevant is one of the most important elements in securing a new IT job, ensuring your IT skills and qualifications are reflected professionally can be a breaking point within the entire job-hunting process. If you feel as though your CV isn’t the best it can be, why not read our guide on perfecting your CV or even utilise our free CV review tool!
  • Register your CV – you can also register your CV with a specialised IT job platforms such as Technojobs. This strategic move enables prospective employers to discover you effortlessly, opening doors to new IT job prospects. Letting top tech companies come to you!
  • Enable your job alerts – Knowing what IT jobs are out there is an advantage you could possess! Why not create custom IT job alerts that can notify you of new IT roles in your desired field? Being aware of new opportunities can produce early applications to IT jobs, making you stand out from your competition. Sign up here.
  • Learning & Developing – the world of Tech and IT is constantly evolving, so why not keep up with it and continue to embrace the new challenges it throws at you! You could learn a new IT skill or develop an old one, both of which reflect well on your CV as well as show employers you are eager to grow your IT knowledge and experience, putting you ahead of the competition.

What are some entry-level IT Jobs?

IT is such a huge sector and there are thousands of fields within IT that you can work in, and entry-level IT jobs can be seen as a vital first step in getting your foot in the tech door and beginning your journey in IT. However, it will depend on the field you choose for your IT career that reflects the entry-level IT job you decide to go for! For example, if you want to work in IT Support, some of the entry-level positions include IT Support Trainee, IT Support Engineer and Helpdesk Operator. There are always plenty of options for you to take and if you aren’t too sure, why not take a look at some of our Entry-Level IT Jobs here to get you started.

How much can I earn working in an IT job?

Due to the IT industry being an extremely broad job spectrum, this type of question relies heavily on the level and line of work you want to get started in. The annual salary for any IT job could vary between £15k-£60K with some growing upwards of £98K depending on IT skills and experience. Within most IT jobs, the seniority levels and salary expectations go hand in hand, take the Cyber Security role below for example:

  • Entry Level/Junior - £20K annually
  • Mid-Level - £40-50K annually
  • Senior Level - £70K and higher annually

What are IT skills in demand?

The IT industry continues to grow and develop at an extremely fast rate and shows no sign of slowing down! This growth paves the way for new IT skills to be in constant demand and below are just a few that can help you stand out and get noticed by top tech employers.

  • Cloud Computing
  • UX/UI Design
  • Cyber Security
  • Software Development
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)


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